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Are you suffering from a high volume of spam?

Of course the first solution is to install a spam filter on your mail server. Email filtering is a great way of combatting against the spammer but it's not the complete solution, because now your users are spam free but the poor mail server is still receiving the same high volume of spam it always was and is now having to sort the good mail from the junk spam.

An answer could be to move the email filtering solution off the mail server and look at a hosted solution like profilter.

But there's more..

What if you could reduce the load on the email server and reduce the amount of spam the email filter was having to sort? Too good to be true right? Wrong. Let's look at FakeMX, but first let's have a quick overview of how spam normally gets to your mailbox.

  1. The spam message is generated on spam server, and waiting to be sent.
  2. The spam server then requests the MX record of your domain.
  3. Typically most domains will have a single MX record, and will return your mail server's info to the spam server.
  4. The spam server then connects with your mail server.
  5. Your mail server does any spam checks (reverse DNS, SPF lookup, RBL checks, spam filtering, etc.)
  6. The message is then either accepted for delivery or rejected.

Lets focus on Step 2 for a minute. Most spam servers will only try to request your MX records once. For domains that have multiple MX records, they will sometimes check to see if the next one works, but usually the will give up after the first failure. The spam servers give up because spammer are dependent on volume and getting as many emails out the door as possible. If any email or server is giving them trouble they will just give up and move on to the next email in their list.

This is where FakeMX comes in. FakeMX adds mail servers to your DNS MX records. One at the highest priority (low MX number) and one at the lowest priority (highest MX number).  This effectively sandwiches your mailservers between the FakeMX servers.  The result is the spammer will try either the first or last server and give up on the first failure, whereas real legitinate email will try again and this time pick the middle mail server (which is the real mail server) and emails will be delivered sucessfully.  An example of the DNS MX records would look like the below

MX 10
MX 20
MX 30


  • Setup - FakeMX is very easy to setup.
  • Spam Prevention - Fake MX is another spam fighting tool to add to your arsenal like profilter.
  • Trusted - Fake MX is a trusted business continuity solution.
  • Cloud Based - Backup MX is a cloud based service.
  • SMTP Supported - Fake MX is based on the full SMTP RFC standards.

Why do I need this service

FakeMX is another spam fighting tool against spammers, it works in conjunction with your spam filter solution to further help combat the battle of junk unsolicited emails.


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Fake MX


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Setup is very straight forward

  1. Sign up for the service and let us know your domain name you want protected.

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  2. You will then be assigned to a Fake MX SMTP cloud.
  3. Add the Fake MX SMTP servers to your DNS MX records.
  4. That’s it, you’re done.